Many of you might have noticed that as the temperature gets warmer outside wasps make nests around your home. There are certain factors that wasps check before choosing a spot to build their nest. Wasps are no ordinary uninvited visitors and you need to know a bit about them and also consider calling wasp control Warragul service experts to control them. You as a homeowner can also make a few efforts to contain them which this article intends to do.

There are many ways wasps may be kept away by measures that discourage their entry. But a severe infestation that has already happened needs professional expertise of pest control Warragul service specialists who have the required training and skill to do an effective job.

What wasps seek when searching for a nesting place

What wasps seek when searching for a nesting place?

Wasps have the habit of building their nests almost anywhere. They seek something solid to hang from. What wasps basically look for is-

Corners, ceilings

Wasps prefer to build their nests around eaves, overhangs and porch ceilings. They like to feel protected and have a preference for corner spots.

Feast on other insects:

Wasps are an important part of food chain and control other insect population by feeding on other insects making them actually useful. But if they happen to be in your property it means they got attracted by presence of other insects which could spell double trouble for you.

Source of weathered wood:

A wasp species called paper wasps derives their name from the nests they build. They make their nests from wood fiber. For this they require a construction supply near the nest. The queen scrapes wood fibers off wood materials. She the chews it to let saliva mix with fiber, creating a paper pulp which she spits out and moulds it into a shape to create the nest. So when you spot a wasp nest, remember its getting comfortable and you need to ring for wasp control Warragul service specialists.

Stay indoors in winter months:

Once a wasp makes a nest in your home; it won’t come back the following year. The nest succumbs to natural processes and undergoes decomposition. But in the colder winter months queen wasps seek to shelter inside your homes. And if she manages to nest inside she will begin the process again at spring season.

How to ward off wasps from your property?

Pest Control:

Doing regular hiring of pest control Warragul service providers in your home exteriors minimizes other insects that form food for wasps.

Proper disposal of trash:

Place all your garbage or trash in the shed or garage away from your home. Insects, bugs and wasps feed trash containing protein rich debris.

Pick and keep away fallen fruits:

As summer gives away wasp start seeking sugary food. They have a love for fallen fruits. So in case you have fruit trees clean up the ground beneath and keep away fallen fruits.

Restrict water resources in your exteriors:

Wasps need water to survive. In the dry summer season with less standing water, wasps are on the lookout for water. If you take care and do not keep any standing water source, wasps will keep away and so will other pests and mosquitoes.

Keep bright flowery prints away:

If you cut off access of wasp to sugary fruits, or food in trash, they consume floral nectar. Being attracted to bright colorful floral prints, do take care to not use these in any form or clothes or linen in your external yards.

How to ward off wasps from your property?

Wasps can be pretty determined and once they find a safe haven in your property it is not easy wishing them away. Summer is perfect to get rid of a wasp nest as it's settled in but not developed fully. The ideal hour of the day to remove wasp is during early evening or night when they quieter having been busy throughout the day.

For visible nests use a formulated spray directly. As you spray the chemical ensure you have protective gear like goggles, covered clothes, gloves to prevent any attack from these pests if they feel agitated or threatened. Following day if you see no activity it means you did a good job but if you observe wasps still there, re apply the spray in a few days.

Wasps vary in their nesting tendencies. Some chose to make it in obscure places away from view like under decks or behind walls or gaps in structures. These are difficult to reach, so you may have to drill holes onto surfaces to reach them and use an insecticide powder or dust. So when you drill a narrow hole, it should be able to accommodate the nozzle of your dusting spray so that you can aim for nest to affect it. But of course you can avoid all this by leaving it to wasp control Warragul service professionals for a perfect eradication.

Wasps like bees are no easy customer as they thrive in large numbers and can sting. You can attempt to control them but since they need skillful handling for your own safety it's better to be prepared when you take those combat measures yourself or goes for professional removal.